Hitting 100: How AGC of America Became the ‘Credible’ Voice of Construction

October 2018 — Top News It all started in 1918 at the LaSalle Hotel in Chicago, Illinois, where a small group of contractors banded together to form AGC of America. One hundred years later, the association is 26,000 members strong, with a proud past and even brighter future. How they became and continue to serve […]

Suffolk Partners with Northeastern University to Launch “Digital, Analytics, Technology and Automation” (Data) Initiative

November 2018 — Suffolk, a member of multiple AGC chapters, has announced it is leading the sponsorship of a Digital, Analytics, Technology and Automation (DATA) Initiative with Northeastern University. Hosted by the D’Amore-McKim School of Business (DMSB) at Northeastern and supported by Suffolk, the DATA Initiative will establish a cross-disciplinary, innovative hub of thought leadership […]

Smooth Moves

November 2018 — IN CASE YOU MISSED IT A strong business succession plan can help ensure your construction company — and family’s legacy  — continue to thrive long after you retire.BY LISA KOPOCHINSKI

5 Ways to Engage Your Organization to Improve Win Rate

October 2018 — Business Tips Business Development Best Practice Series As business development leaders we are responsible for identifying and vetting opportunities that are good for our business. How we move and the steps we take after can be the difference between winning and losing. So where do you start?

AGC Needs your Help to Measure the Scope of Construction Labor Shortages by Taking a Quick Survey

July 2019 — Top News The survey will close by the middle of August    As demand for construction in most parts of the country continues to expand and the number of unemployed construction workers hits record low levels, AGC of America and Autodesk are working to better quantify where these shortages are taking place, […]

Special Delivery

November 2018 — IN CASE YOU MISSED IT Gone are the days of the master builder. In the years since, various project delivery methods have been utilizied by the construction industry’s many arms. Increasingly, though, firms are finding that shared risk equals shared reward, and collaboration is the key to success.BY AMY DREW THOMPSON

Tarlton Garners AGC of Missouri 2018 Construction Keystone Award

November 2018 — The historic renovation of the Stephen and Peter Sachs Museum at Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis, with Tarlton Corp. serving as construction manager, won a 2018 Construction Keystone Award from the Associated General Contractors of Missouri. This year’s honor marks the ninth time Tarlton was recognized for a top Keystone Award-winning […]

August Event Will Focus on Customer Retention for Your Small Business

Customer retention is one of the key metrics for ensuring the success of any business. Keeping more customers for longer periods, means you are doing something right. The Small Business Administration (SBA) wants to help entrepreneurs do just that with a Twitter Chat. Titled, “How to Attract and Retain Customers” the chat is going to […]

10 Tips to Improve Customer Experience in Your Small Business

If you want to keep customers coming back to your business, you need to create a positive experience. There’s a lot that goes into cultivating that experience, from bringing in customers online to automating parts of the process so that it’s easier for everyone. See what tips members of the online small business community have […]

Remote Workers: The Biggest Cybersecurity Risk Your Business Faces

If your small business has an online presence, there are many vectors of attack hackers can use to find vulnerabilities. And as more of these businesses use remote workers, it becomes yet another point of attack which can be exploited. Yet, only half of U.S. small businesses have updated their remote work security policy in […]

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