How to Calculate Markup for Your Business

Markup is defined as the selling price for goods and services as opposed to how much it costs to make them.  Small businesses need to keep in mind that the markup is different from some other terms like margin and profit. If the whole thing sounds daunting while you slog through the day to day […]

Airport redesigns are adding nature to reduce stress — and to make you want to shop

For a long time now, the paradigm for airport terminals has been a sealed, secure, airtight box. A succession of terrorism incidents led architects to eliminate features like tourist-friendly balconies and viewing galleries in air control towers. Considered welcoming places of leisure in decades past, most airports today are oppressive gateways to avoid at all […]

What does the office of tomorrow look like?

The collaborative-workplace revolution has, for years now, spurred the removal of office walls — both physical and metaphoric — in favour of all-access, casual spaces believed to be more conducive to creativity. But studies and real-life experience have shown that the all-for-one approach is, in fact, neither all that great for productivity nor individual work […]

8 gorgeous restaurants in former churches

Empty churches around the world are finding new life as restaurants. Abandoned religious buildings, originally designed to evoke awe and spiritual devotion, can quickly fall into a sad state of disrepair. But now some restaurateurs, architects, and designers have discovered that common elements like vaulted ceilings, open floor plans, wood-paneled walls, and even stained glass […]

The best Milan neighborhoods to visit and buildings to see if you love design

It’s true: Milan is not Rome, Venice, or Florence. You aren’t likely to turn a corner and stumble on the kind of picture-perfect scene for which Italy has become renowned among tourists. And that’s part of the city’s allure.

Une facture de 17 M $ pour la conversion de l’église Saint-Édouard

La conversion en bibliothèque municipale de l’ancienne église Saint-Édouard, à La Baie, pourrait se traduire par une note de 17 M$, comparativement à une facture d’environ 10 M$ pour une construction neuve dans le même secteur. C’est ce que devraient révéler les études commandées l’an dernier par les autorités municipales de Saguenay auprès des firmes […]

2 office interiors that do colour right

Colour has long been linked to enhancing mood and creativity. For the futuristic-looking Innovation Lab in the Chinese city of Huizhou, a 700-square-metre training and research hub for the China Resources Group, a conglomerate based in Hong Kong, a vibrant palette is just one aspect of the overall design, but it plays an important role […]

Tim Hortons unveils Gensler design for new Toronto head office

Tim Hortons announced today it has officially moved to downtown Toronto’s historic Exchange Tower at 130 King Street West. The modern and innovative 65,000 square foot space was designed to celebrate Tim Hortons’ Canadian roots.

World Design Rankings 2018 announced!

At the start of each year, the World Design Rankings (WDR) reveal the countries with the most designers who have won A’ design award. It aims to not only highlight further insight into the design industry but also to help foster a global design culture by showcasing and supporting good design.

PlanGrid Launches Program for Schools and Unions, Provides Free Resources and Product Licenses

As mobile apps and project management software are becoming more prominent on construction sites around the world, it’s important that those getting ready to enter the industry, whether it be through college or trade schools, get the training they need to hit the ground running with these programs. PlanGrid,a construction project management and mobile productivity […]

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