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January 2021 — Industry Events  

New Digital Check-In Apps Emerge on Construction Sites to Protect Employers and Employees

January 2021 — IN CASE YOU MISSED IT COVID-19 has led construction companies to adopt new digital check-in apps that keep employees safe and jobsites symptom-free from the virus. Employers are discovering additional benefits with the use of these apps – benefits that may protect them from potential lawsuits.BY BRIAN JUNGINGER, CONSTRUCTION LITIGATION ATTORNEYMCINERNEY & DILLON, AN AGC OF CALIFORNIA MEMBER

CAGC Continues Bridging Many Challenges for our Industry in the Carolinas

January 2021 — Chapter News The late, great NC Senate leader Marc Basnight had a special fondness for bridges. “Bridges bring people together. They never divide,” he wrote for a dedication in 2019 of a 2.8-mile, $254 million bridge over Oregon Inlet named for him. Sen. Basnight, who died last month after a long battle with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), was a big believer in infrastructure funding, particularly in connecting remote parts of his state

Construction Tech 2020: Is Your Firm Keeping Pace?

December 2020 — IN CASE YOU MISSED IT The construction industry has a rep for being slow on the tech uptake. We asked Gonzalo Galindo why. “It’s the million-dollar question,” he replies.BY AMY DREW THOMPSON

Spend, Travel and Worry Less About Your Retail Business Using Alibaba.com

Sponsored Post The average U.S. small business worker is estimated to work over 50 hours a week. That’s nearly 14 hours more than the average American worker, and 14 hours likely that these SMBs wish they could save in their weekly efforts. But how can they achieve this? Fortunately, retailers and SMBs who face difficulties with limited time and budget do not have to settle on these realities anymore. Using Alibaba.com, there is a lot

Construction Sector Adds 51,000 Jobs in December, But Gains Are Likely Temporary as New Industry Survey Finds Widespread Pessimism for 2021

January 2021 — Construction Economic News Few construction firms expect the industry to recover to pre-pandemic levels anytime soon, while demand for most types of projects is likely to fall amid growing project delays and cancellations   Construction employment increased by 51,000 jobs in December, with gains for nonresidential as well as residential contractors, according to an analysis by AGC of America of government data released recently. Association officials cautioned, however, that its latest survey shows

AGC Releases New COVID-19 Vaccine Toolkit

September 2021 — Top News Click HERE to find a new AGC COVID-19 Vaccine Toolkit that members can share with their staff, trade contractors, subcontractors, and partners. AGC has gathered information on COVID-19 vaccines, their safety and their effectiveness that members can use in their education efforts; created an industry-specific public service message urging the industry to get vaccinated; and provided resources to assist with employer vaccine policies. As we learn more about the COVID-19

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January 2021 — Industry Events  

10 Ways to Use Data to Improve Your Connections with Customers

Information is power when running a business. Facts, statistics, and analysis of your customers and the tools you utilize may help you connect more effectively. So how do you narrow down what information is most useful? Read on for tips from members of the online small business community. Improve Retention by Calculating Customer Health Index The more information you have about your customers, the more effectively you can communicate with them. That improved communication can

Library System Breaks Ground On New Solar Array

The Central Arkansas Library System (CALS) will save a total of $5.8 million over the lifetime of its two-phase energy efficiency project. The post Library System Breaks Ground On New Solar Array appeared first on Facility Executive Magazine – Creating Intelligent Buildings.

Jon Reed of Diginomica – Virtual or Live, Events in General Just Haven’t Been Done Well, Which Continues to be a Lost Opportunity

Before the pandemic I was going to about 30 physical events a year.  During the pandemic I haven’t gone to any, but I’ve gone to way more events virtually.  And I can honestly say that in either form, events leave a lot to be desired.  But at least physical events allowed you to actually see and be around people, which made up for some of the shortcomings of those events. Jon Reed, ERP industry thought

10 Mid-September Economic Nuggets – Three Key Developing Trends

It would be comforting to think the post-pandemic economic recovery will proceed along the same path as other post-recession recoveries. No doubt there will be some similarities; but there will also be major differences. No one is quite sure about the extent to which personal preferences have been changed by the health crisis of the […] The post 10 Mid-September Economic Nuggets – Three Key Developing Trends appeared first on constructconnect.com.

CA Adopts Electric-Focused Building Codes

The California Energy Commission recently announced its adoption of the 2022 Building Energy Efficiency Standards (Energy Code) for newly constructed and renovated buildings.

TX Recommends Contractors for Border Wall

At the beginning of the month, the Texas Facilities Commission announced that they had completed the valuation phase for the Program Manager for the Border Wall.

Sherwin-Williams Releases New Flooring Color Palettes

On Tuesday (Sept. 14), global coatings firm The Sherwin-Williams Company announced four new color palettes for high-performance flooring.

Solar-Powered Train Sets Speed Record

Recently, inventors of what's being dubbed the first-ever solar-powered locomotive put their transportation vehicle to the test on a railroad track in Sonoma, California.

Book Review: Coating Inspector Field Guide

According to an emailed press release from author Lee Wilson, the second edition of the Paint Inspector's Field Guide is now available.

Bids Open for FL High School Reno

The Broward County School Board is accepting bids for high school renovations in Hallandale, Florida.

BASF Joins Sustainable Polymers Task Force

BASF has joined the Royal Society of Chemistry’s (RSC) task force that aims to make a polymers industry — worth $125 billion annually — more sustainable.

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