Oscar C. Boldt Leaves a Legacy

June 2020 — Member News Oscar C. Boldt, 96, passed away the morning of June 9, 2020 with his son and wife at his side. With dedication, entrepreneurship and consummate business ethics, Oscar C. Boldt spent more than half a century transforming the family business his grandfather founded in 1889 into one of the nation’s largest and most highly respected construction firms. The Boldt Company is a member of multiple AGC chapters.

COVID-19 Safety Tips

June 2020 — IN CASE YOU MISSED IT Keeping construction going while keeping workers safe   AGC encourages its members and all contractors to implement the temporary tips below, if practical: First, educate your employees on how to protect themselves and others, including the importance of good hygiene practices and avoiding close contact (within 6 feet) with others.

Business NOT as Usual: Navigating Business Development During COVID-19

June 2020 — Business Tips If you are like the thousands of BD folks in the A/E/C industry right now, you are struggling to find ways to stay relevant and connected to your clients and project management teams. Depending on the state you live in and the day of week, your situation varies BY LISA FRISBIE, AGC OF MASSACHUSETTS

The Value of Spontaneous Conversation – How Much Do You Miss it?

How can we bring back the art of conversation that leads to the land of opportunity while living in an isolated world? What’s working for you right now?

China’s Changing Position in the Post-Pandemic World

The outlook is positive for most TiO2 producers for 2021. Increasing demand and the limited ability of Chinese producers to respond fairs well for global players. Multiple factors, including feedstock, Chinese chloride capabilities, and product quality all will impact the long-term future of the industry.

A New Polyfunctional Aziridine Crosslinker

A new difunctional water-based crosslinker is used to crosslink acid or carboxyl functional coatings, inks and adhesives to increase adhesion, physical and chemical properties.

High Solids Epoxy: A Solution to the EPA’s VOC Regulations

This article discusses what VOCs are, where they come from, and why high-solids coatings are so good at reducing VOC emissions.

Al’s Frigid Fiasco

Al Kidd’s first sign of a problem was the strong, acrid smell that burned his nose. What was the material in the drum that caused the smoke? What had caused the material to react so violently?

Increasing Lean Construction Engagement on The Jobsite

June 2020 — Business Tips In this episode of ConstructorCast, three “Lean” practitioners and advocates share their personal stories on how to increase Lean engagement on construction jobsites to reduce waste, improve workflow and add value for project stakeholders. Hear Henry Nutt of Southland Industries, Keyan Zandy of Skiles Group, and Joe Donarumo of Linbeck explain their unique approach to getting earlier and more Lean buy-in from the “boots on the ground” leaders in the

AGC Events

June 2020 — Industry Events  

COVID-19 and Construction: AGC Fights Hard for Industry’s Interests During Pandemic

May 2020 — Top News As the nation reels from the deadly novel coronavirus pandemic, with construction projects threatened, leadership at AGC of America continuously advocates for members. BY DEBRA WOOD

AGC New York State Answers the Call for Help

June 2020 — Chapter News Along with all of our AGC partners, AGC NYS staff has been working around the clock to serve our members in this time of national crisis, one which so far is hitting New York much harder than any other state.

Learning to Reject Zero

Learning to Reject Zero One of the fallacies that circulate in the safety-sphere is that change in thinking/cognition is learning. This often comes from Safety with no expertise in Learning and Education. Then once learning has been declared by Safety wonder why nothing changes. How fascinating all these training programs … Learn more >>>>> The post Learning to Reject Zero appeared first on Safety Risk .net.

The Cult-ure of Zero

The Cult-ure of Zero Defining a cult is challenging but in most popular usage is associated with ‘brainwashing’, cultic practices, binary dogma and unusual beliefs. Richardson has a good definition of a cult as: ‘a group that has beliefs and/or practices that are counter to those of the dominant culture’. … Learn more >>>>> The post The Cult-ure of Zero appeared first on Safety Risk .net.

BREAKING: Ontario outlines essential construction projects

TORONTO – The Ontario government has issued a list of construction projects and activities that are considered essential under expanded emergency orders issued today to deal with the pandemic. The measures are “targeted at stopping the rapid growth in COVID-19 case rates and relieving mounting pressures on the province’s health care system,” a government statement […] The post BREAKING: Ontario outlines essential construction projects appeared first on constructconnect.com.

Jacobs wins role managing assets at Washington, DC airports

New York-listed engineering giant Jacobs has been selected by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority to …

Vinci picked for €292m electrification contract in Benin

France’s Vinci Energies has signed a contract worth €292m with the government of Benin, in …

Parsons chosen for Gardiner Expressway rehabilitation project

TORONTO – Parsons Corporation has been selected by the City of Toronto as the owner’s engineer and technical adviser to deliver part of the F.G. Gardiner Expressway rehabilitation project in the city. The contract for section two of the project, Dufferin Street to Strachan Avenue, is valued at more than $10 million. It includes conceptual and preliminary design, […] The post Parsons chosen for Gardiner Expressway rehabilitation project appeared first on constructconnect.com.

Five Ways To Get Your Building Green For Earth Day

In preparation for Earth Day, businesses can cut costs and consume energy in more green ways by making a few smart changes with their HVAC systems. – Read: Five Ways To Get Your Building Green For Earth Day at FacilityExecutive.com.

BREAKING: Ford announces closing of non-essential construction

Ontario Premier Doug Ford today unveiled a series of escalations in COVID-19 shutdown measures across the province with the construction sector announced as limited to essential projects. It was the third widespread shutdown of the sector since the pandemic hit the province a year ago, following restrictions in March 2020 and January 2021. “The reality […] The post BREAKING: Ford announces closing of non-essential construction appeared first on constructconnect.com.

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