Five Things Asset Owners Look for in a Coatings Contractor

When it’s time to hire a coating contractor, asset owners want to get the job done right the first time.  Low-bid, low-quality contractors are out there, so owners should look for these five indicators to ensure a high-quality outcome. Here’s what asset owners from the transportation and petroleum industries say

See where the construction industry is heading in the FREE 2021 Construction Business Report!

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The Best Goal-Measurement Strategy For Entrepreneurs

Even the most successful entrepreneurs, those who are at the top of their game, with tremendous achievements and all the benefits that brings to their lives, can feel like failures. They’re depressed and feel miserable about themselves, even though everyone around them thinks they’re amazing and looks up to them

The Rebranding of a Safety Culture

Whether we choose to recognize it or not, every company has a safety culture that continuously changes, and even rebrands itself from time to time. The concept of a safety culture can be divided into broad and narrow aspects. The broad aspects derive from the definition of a safety culture,

An Introduction to Hydrogen Embrittlement

Hydrogen embrittlement is the result of the absorption of hydrogen by susceptible metals, resulting in the loss of ductility and reduction of load-bearing capability. Here’s a brief look at this process.

A Typhoon-Proof Wind Turbine Is Generating an Energy Shift for Remote Islands

Japanese energy start-up Challenergy is focusing on island-based power needs. Feedback from simulations run during the development stages can be quickly applied to product designs. Operation of the first turbine on the Batanes islands of the Philippines has begun. This marks a paradigm shift toward the realization of a hydrogen-based

Women in Construction: 2021 Brings Diversity, Opportunity, and a New Narrative

The face of the construction industry is changing for women, nonbinary, and gender-nonconforming workers in 2021, through technology, innovation, and more diverse career opportunities. Unfortunately, a large gender gap still exists in construction—but organizations, governments, and companies are making overdue changes. Technology and innovation are driving more diversity in construction,

The Acceleration of Convergence [Infographic]

Convergence may sound like a buzzword, but it’s not a new concept. Learn how the business benefits of convergence can help firms gain a competitive edge.

Can You be Terminated for Convenience?

Seems like an odd term – termination for convenience.  Whose convenience? Generally, neither party takes any comfort if an agreement has to be cancelled.  What may have started as a commonplace provision within government contracts, a termination for convenience can now be found in many private construction agreements. It is generally not very

The Future of Education: Lifelong, Flexible, Skill-Based Learning After COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted traditional classroom learning experiences and brought about a rapid shift to remote learning. The disruption has unequally impacted children, with K–12 students being an average of five months behind in math and four months behind in reading. Children in Black and lower-income schools saw greater disparities.

Nanotechnology in the Coatings Industry

What was once considered a humble coat of paint has become a rapidly expanding global coatings market, with highly specialized applications that serve to reduce corrosion costs in nearly every industrial environment. Today, one of the fastest-growing trends in the coatings industry is nanotechnology.

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